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Clip EF 076
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Effi deflates big Jeep tyres
Duration: 16.11 min
MP4 1280 x 720
521 MB

Used inflatables on Ebay
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Clip BU 084
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Bunny plays with a big beach ball, but this is not big enough for her. Sitting on this beach ball she inflates a huge Gymnastic ball with electric pump. After the ball was full inflated she plays with it and have much more fun.
Duration: 17.58 min
MP4 1280 x 720
575 MB

Clip NA 105
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This is a never completely shown video of Nadja inflating and riding balloons
Duration: 36.15 min
WMV / 720x586
383 MB

Clip BU 099
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Bunny inflates a huge balloon until it pops
Duration: 09.53 min
MP 4 / 1280 x 720
351 MB

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Larisse inflates many inflatables
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Effi defaltes a huge whale
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